The concepts and tools involved in the WEM platform are easy to implement, yet require a level of dedication and rigor for optimal results. The team at MCA has a deep background in both the industry and academia to work closely with our clients in planning for the implementation of the WEM platform and to help monitor the results achieved through the employment of the prescribed methods.


1. Product Development Process (Retail, Commercial, Small Business, Trust)

  • Portfolio
  • Design
  • Development
  • Validation
  • Project Planning

2. Sales Force Development

  • Point of contact selling
  • Centralized decision process
  • Lead pilot and implementation
  • Validation

3. Project Planning Production Process Flow

  •  Work Flow
  •  Reduction of work in process
  •  Inventory reduction

4. Servicing

  •  Rapid booking
  •  Customer profiling
  •  Sales feedback




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