MCA Inc. Presents
Agile Construction® - A Path to Industrialization
A Symposium on Applied Project Management Concepts
October 9th, 2020
 8:00am - 3:00pm EST
Omaha, NE
Agile Construction® for Project Management
Our industry continues its journey toward industrialization. The most competitive companies will be those applying Agile Construction® concepts that support Project Managers in planning, execution and controlling throughout the lifecycle of their projects.
This Symposium will focus on Data-Driven Procurement Phase...
  • Project pre-planning, including identifying segmented work packages
  • How to resolve the impacts of the job from the labor workforce shortage
  • Financial planning and layout for your job plus cash-flow projections
  • Project scheduling, time and resources


The market is hot, the workforce shortage is real, and the industry is transforming.  Be part of the Revolution and hear how it can be done, from experts and practitioners of Agile Construction®, in both union and non-union environments.


For 15 years, MCA, Inc. has facilitated their Symposiums, bringing together the practitioners of Agile Construction® to learn from each other and stay ahead.

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