JPAC® % Complete Mobile Application: JPAC® is a computer-enabled process designed to measure, predict, and improve job site labor productivity for contractors. It is Simple to Use, either at the office, on the job site, in your truck, at home, or wherever you have access to the internet. It is designed to Work with Existing IT Systems – such as accounting, estimation, and ERP. Contrary to common software for managing labor or finance, JPAC® resides on top of your existing systems. It will not require replacement, expansion, or disposal of any of your existing software. Unlike the current accounting reports, which give you job progress after the fact, JPAC® allows you to view the job by using advanced weekly trending. You have invested a lot into your accounting software already; why not enhance it with a new way of managing your projects! Instead of waiting until the end of the job to see how you did, view Advanced Weekly Trending to see how you stand against your estimate. JPAC® will be Customized for Your Company so you can retain current cost codes, project management processes and accounting system.

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