Job Productivity Assurance and Control, JPAC®, is such a tool. JPAC® is a computer-enabled process designed to measure, predict, and improve job site labor productivity for contractors. It is Simple to Use, either at the office, on the job site, in your truck, at home, or wherever you have access to the internet. It is designed to Work with Existing IT Systems – such as accounting, estimation, and ERP. Contrary to common software for managing labor or finance, JPAC® resides on top of your existing systems. It will not require replacement, expansion, or disposal of any of your existing software. Unlike the current accounting reports, which give you job progress after the fact, JPAC® allows you to view the job by using advanced weekly trending. You have invested a lot into your accounting software already; why not enhance it with a new way of managing your projects! Instead of waiting until the end of the job to see how you did, view Advanced Weekly Trending to see how you stand against your estimate. JPAC® will be Customized for Your Company so you can retain current cost codes, project management processes and accounting system.




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Company owners and management

Company owners and management can utilize JPAC®, as it provides productivity measures for the entire Project Delivery System, at the company level, as well as for each project. It compares Cost Codes within projects as well as between projects to identify areas that need process improvements. It will enable you to use Agile Construction® more effectively, which will allow you to react quickly to changing needs of a project. Application of JPAC® will allow you to reduce your time to detect problems on the job site, which improves your time to react and creates better productivity. One of the powerful outputs of JPAC® is Trend Monitoring. Trend monitoring identifies the “why’s” behind our projects’ ups and downs. We may know in hindsight what happened on our job, but do we know why or how to improve for future jobs?

Project managers

Project managers can take advantage of JPAC®’s Project Visibility, similar to the function a dashboard provides to a car driver. Companies enjoy a 30% increase in Productivity (and therefore profitability) in just one year of JPAC® application! Labor Management becomes more visible by application of JPAC®. It improves the project managers’ response to the field’s needs through improved communication. Finance will love the increased Profits that JPAC® brings to your company. There is a direct correlation between using JPAC®, increased job productivity, increased system productivity and bottom line profitability!!! Companies using JPAC® will be able to predict their cash flow and be in an overbilled situation. Eighty-nine percent of subcontractors in the U.S. are in an underbilled situation!! JPAC® would improve your Underbillings and Cash Flow and reduce your reliance on line-of-credit.


Estimators will find the feedback loop extremely valuable for the accuracy of future bids. They can analyze which cost codes are overbid or underbid in different markets and types of work and give themselves a buffer when needed to win a tight job! Improved Estimating increases the entire company’s potential for success!

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