JPAC®: Optimize Your Productivity

Job Productivity Assurance and Control (JPAC®) is a process designed to measure, predict, and improve job site labor productivity for contractors.

  • Simple to use — at the office, on the job site, in your truck, at home — wherever you have access to the internet
  • Allows you to view the job by using advanced weekly trending
  • Designed to work with existing IT Systems such as accounting, estimation, and ERP
  • Resides on top of your existing systems, so it won’t require the replacement, expansion, or disposal of any of your existing software
  • Advanced Weekly Trending to compare actual progress to your estimation

You have invested a lot into your accounting software already; why not enhance it with a new way of managing your projects! JPAC® will be customized for your company so you can retain current cost codes, project management processes and accounting system.

Anyone Can Use It

JPAC® is a simple and easy-to-use tool that can be applied in any level of any company. Its features are applicable to any project, and provide all the information needed to maximize the productivity of the company as a whole. This information include:

  • Productivity measures for the entire Project Delivery System at the company level, as well as for each project
  • Compares Cost Codes within projects as well as between projects to identify areas that need process improvements
  • Enable you to use Agile Construction® more effectively, allowing for quick reactions to the changing needs of a project
  • Reduce time to detect problems on the job site
  • Trend monitoring to identify the root causes of any problems that may arise on the job site

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