It is no longer just a theory. Construction is going through the industrialization phase of its life cycle. The competition in construction is no longer just between Union and Open-Shop contractors. It is coming from overseas as well. Like many industries, the construction industry is under constant pressure to improve productivity, reduce cost and waste. While the productivity in the manufacturing industry has improved by four hundred percent over the last century, the construction industry’s productivity has stayed flat, if not negative. One main reason for the improvement of manufacturing and other industries’ productivity is the “Industrialization” of those industries. Industrialization of any industry will rely on the following five factors:

  1. Management of Labor
  2. Management of Work
  3. Lean Operations
  4. Modeling and simulation
  5. Feedback of the source

The Initial Sparks of Industrialization:

Industrialization of Construction® Books:

Book One – Competing in the New Construction Environment: A Compilation to Lead the Way

Book Two – Industrialization of Construction: A Compilation to Lead the Way

Book Three – Foundation and Future: Dealing with the Challenges of More Work

Book Four – Efficiency and Continuous Improvement: Survival of the Unfits

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