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Are you concerned about the profitability and productivity of your processes? Does your organization have a hard time seeing how its work is going in real-time? Do you have to wait until the construction job is done before you know if you actually made money? If so, you are not alone. Research and government publications report that the construction industry as a whole is generations behind other industries in process design and improvement. However, many contractors across the United States and Canada have joined the twenty-first century through their partnerships with MCA, Inc. MCA has been in the sole business of Making Productivity Visible to Everyone® and process improvement since 1990. Others may offer the words; MCA provides the work behind the words, having literally wrote the book on Job Productivity Measurement (ASTM “Standard Practice for Job Productivity Measurement”, E2691-20). Can you afford not to see clearly?


MCA offers the following products/services:


Strategic Planning
MCA facilitates the process of setting goals, determining actions to achieve goals, and mobilizing resources to execute actions.


Organizational Development
MCA can help companies to better understand the internal systems they need to improve their day-to-day operations.


Partnerships/Merger & Acquisitions
Partnerships are a growing part of the business world and MCA supports clients with the needs of the changing organization.

Financial and Budgeting

MCA works with companies to implement processes that will assist with estimating, tracking, and managing financial information for the company.


Market Share
MCA can scientifically segment any jurisdiction or geographical area at the county level into 21 detailed categories. Calculate the composite rate necessary to be competitive, and provide scenario analysis to visualize the results.  Facilitate strategic planning sessions to review and implement the results.


Company/Organization-Wide Assessment
MCA focuses on the health of the whole organization and identifies its strengths and opportunities in the 3 M’s: Money, Manpower, and Material. Clarity is provided on how these contribute to the current mission and vision of the organization.


Prefabrication Assessment Service
Workflow, Process Design, Facility Layout 

With extensive knowledge in product and process design and development in many industries, combined with over 20 years of experience in the construction and material distribution industries, MCA Inc. is pleased to offer our Prefabrication Assessment Service. 


Process Development
MCA can help you realize the higher value of processes by using assessment mapping and waste reduction.


Project Management
MCA will help you in the implementation of the processes of project management and utilize its benefits to improve your profitability and profits.


Inventory Management
MCA uses Inventory Management to assist the client in managing inventories more cost- effectively.

Human Resources
MCA aids the client in applying performance management throughout the departments of the organization.

E-business strategy has become an integral part of today’s changing business world. MCA assists companies in expanding current opportunities by implementing e-business solutions.


Agile Construction®
Agile Construction™ adapts to change, allowing the contractor to react to job site changes rapidly in order to complete each project both profitably and efficiently. Agility (responsiveness) of the contractor at the job site will improve their profits.


Productivity Improvement

Productivity Improvement is a system of strategies, measurements, and operations that is used by MCA to increase productivity by reducing variations in labor efficiency.


Office Administration
MCA works with the management of companies to increase the efficiency and organization of offices.


E-business strategy has become an integral part of today’s changing business world. MCA assists companies in expanding current opportunities by implementing e-business solutions.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for jobs
Key to effective work management is seeing the work from the eyes of those who do the work. MCA specializes in working “in the field” to help the workers define their own tasks and what resources will be required, including time, effort, materials, tools, equipment, and skills.


Scheduling and Project Support
MCA works directly with project managers and foremen to help them see the effectiveness of their own work, but also “rolls up” the information as needed to interface with general contractor schedules and reporting requirements, and provide senior management with a company-wide view.

SIS® Setup and Support
Short Interval Scheduling (SIS®) setup and support. SIS® identifies obstacles to completion of scheduled work in the field that are causing the work to not be able to install the most effective and productive way. The 3-day look ahead also helps the foreman to plan for material ordering and procurement as well as appropriate manpower for the coming weeks.

JPAC® Setup and Support
Job Productivity Assurance and Control (JPAC®) setup and support. JPAC® is a process designed to measure, predict, and improve job site labor productivity for contractors using your current cost codes, project management processes and accounting system. This process is the application of ASTM Standard E2691 for Job Productivity Measurement, developed by MCA, Inc. after 20 years of JPAC® implementation and usage.


Prefabrication by applying Externalizing Work®
Marrying the lessons learned through work breakdown, segregation of work, and task allocation, prefab operations will increase productive time on the construction site by letting skilled trades concentrate on putting work, and value, in place. MCA has developed a Process of Prefab that takes the work away from the jobsites’ risk, and puts an operation in place in the form of a successful prefab production


Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) by applying Externalizing Work® Principles
Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) by applying Externalizing Work® Principles creates partnerships between customers and key vendors, allowing the vendors to do what they do best, to manage inventories of materials in time and location to best support the customers’ needs on the job site and realizing cost savings to both.

EAE® Setup and Support
Estimation Accuracy Enhancement (EAE®), supported by verifiable data, allows jobs to be identified according to relevant criteria and then a three-way comparison is made within analysis of the estimate vs. field Work Breakdown Structure vs. final performance can be made in terms of hours or cost. The end result is more accurate input to estimating based on real-time feedback from job performance in various circumstances.


CPAC® Setup and Support
Customer Positioning and Control (CPAC®) is a simple, reliable method for measuring resource requirements necessary to meet the demands of your customers. Each customer (end user) is visibly and objectively positioned according to its impact on both time and cost. CPAC® will then identify the cost drivers causing that customer to be positioned so poorly.


MCA provides services to assist clients with the growth of their internal and external communications.

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